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I met Dan in late 2007. I had moved down from Salt Lake in the summer and I was really worried about finding an experienced guitar tech here. I had just bought an Epiphone on eBay for next to nothing and gutted it to make it "playable". So, after installing a new wiring harness, switch, jack, and some P-90's myself I went to play it and got nothing. I wasn't really surprised as I had no experience doing this kind of work. I needed someone who knew what the hell they were doing to fix my mistakes and to put the finishing touches on cosmetically. I went to the Pick Stop and asked Rustin who he used as a tech. He told me about Dan and gave me his card. After looking at his card I knew I was on the right track. You see, he had many of the companies that he is a dealer for listed on the back and they were all top of the line: Mercury Mag, George L's, Durham Electronics, Rio Grande, etc... so I gave Dan a call and scheduled a time to drop the guitar off at his home. A week later I picked it up and it looked perfect. Then I plugged it in and it played perfect. I had found a great tech! I was STOKED!!! Cut to the present and Dan has a store now. I am still stoked every time he works on one of my guitars. His work is top-notch and he is better than both of the techs I used in Salt Lake, who are arguably the best guitar techs in that neck of the woods (no offense Lin & Eric). Dan's attention to detail is borderline OCD and he really takes the time to get to know each person and their musical style(s) before he works on their gear. He knows a lot about TONE and MUSIC, and his advise is right-on-the-money. Not only is he a great tech; he works on amps AND builds guitars as well. I have a Tele Custom made with Warmoth parts that he just finished and it is shaping up to be one of my favorites. In addition to all of this, Dan is an excellent bass player (guitar too) and an awesome sound man, with all of the gear necessary to do sound from large outdoor venues to more intimate settings. He plays bass and most of the time does sound for my band, the Jackpines (props to Jason on sound also). More important than all of this though, Dan is an exceptional human being who I am proud to have as a friend.

Jared Johnson, December 2008


Dear Dan,

This is just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the work you performed on my guitar. The new bone bridge insert is excellent, much better han the original design. The tone and volume seem to be better than that of which the guitar was originally capable. The truss rod adjustment is just about right, smoothing out the difficult playing areas on the fret board.

The other fret board work (polishing frets, oiling, etc.) has made it play a bit easier also. All this without limiting the response to various degrees of playing enthusiasm. In other words, I can really get into the guitar vigorously when I want to, without hearing buzzes. This probably has something to do with the care you took in adjusting the bridge height as well.

The DR medium gauge strings were a good choice. Thanks for prestretch and intonation checks. Pitch is holding well and there is a great sustain as the sound rings out, and as you say, "blooms".

I'm impressed with your work and I appreciate your skill and love of the instrument. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to any of my guitar friends. You will hear from me if any of my guitars need help in the future. Thanks again!

Sincerely, L. McAllister



Thanks so much for taking he time to resolve that issue with my guitar. I really appreciate it!!

M. Abernathy


Dan Worthington has worked on numerous projects for me... He always works within his capabilities in a professional manner, letting me know up-front of realistic expectations. He is all about quality - and is very focused on complete client satisfaction.

T. Schriver


Thanks Dan! They sound great! Really clear!



Dan Worthington at Dan's Guitar Repair as recommended to me by a top area professional guitarist and I wasn't disappointed. I've been playing Chicago, Stratocaster style blues for several years and I'm obsessive about tone and how my guitar is set up. At a reasonable cost with a fast turnaround, Dan tuned, dressed frets, adjusted the neck action and pickups, and polished the fret board and body of my guitar. My guitar came back to me setup and playing perfectly. Excellent job! As a professional guitarist and bassist, Dan has years of playing and working experience with guitars. He knows guitars and how to get great tone from them. You won't be disappointed with what he does for your guitar.

B. Knowlton


Wow! What a night last Thursday! We had a great workshop with Dan! Everyone learned a lot about keeping their guitars in fine playing condition. My guitar now plays as smooth as butter thanks to his great tough! Everyone went home with at least a new set of strings! And most everyone went home with something else as well. Humidifiers, straps, tuners... Dan was very very generous not just with his knowledge and know how, but with some sweet little goodies. Thanks Dan, You're awesome!



Dan has worked on all of my guitars. In each case, he was able to turn a mediocre playing and sounding gutiar into a top-notch tone animal. I get many compliments on my tone when I play, and I attribute this mostly to the craftsmanship Dan has imparted to each of my guitars. Dan also is more than happy to explain the physics of musical instruments, and also demonstrate why and how some things sound better than others.

Dan is also more than reasonable in his pricing - there are much less talented luthiers around who charge much more than Dan. The secret is out - Dan's Guitar Repair is THE place for musicians in town!

R. Robbins







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