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Dan's Guitar Repair is Southern Utah's #1 resource for stringed instrument and amplifier repairs. Dan has 20+ years of repair and building experience, ensuring the finest quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail for his clients. His work has been detailed in The Spectrum newspaper as well as many other periodicals.

Dan's work includes:

-- Cosmetic repairs (cracks, finishes, rust, paint, custom pickguards, etc.)

-- Functional repair (neck work, intonation, custom nuts/saddles, replacement parts, etc.)

-- Custom electronics work (installation and configuration of pickups, pots, switches, wiring, jacks, etc.)

-- Other custom work and builds (if you need something custom, Dan can do it!)


"Now that I've had my guitars setup and customized by Dan I can't see how I would play them any other way. His quality of work and fair rates are really an amazing bargain." - R Robbins

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New at Dan's Shop!

Dan's Senior Amp Technician, Gary Huff, is a certified amp Guru! With 40+ years experience, he's worked on everything from Vox to Marshall and everything in-between. He's setup shop in the amp room at Dan's, and is ready to make your amp dreams come true!

If you've been wanting to tweak your amp, your wait is over. Whether it's a new transformer, replacing pots, tweaking tubes, or replacing other key components, Gary can get the job done!



Contact Dan for details and pricing, or visit the shop today!





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