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1985- I began to play guitar, and became frustrated with the local shops in Portland, OR, both from a quality and a time standpoint. It took forever, and had the same problem when I got it back, but I was $40.00 poorer. So, I bought a book, and started fixing my own guitar. Pretty soon, all my friends were digging what I was doing, and started bringing me their axes.

Cut to 2002- When I moved to St. George, UT, I discovered that there really wasn't a good, fast, reliable guitar repair shop in the area. My friend, Jerone Wedig from the Blues Barbershop, convinced me to upgrade, and go pro with the repairs. I invested a pile of dough in tooling, and parts, and launched Dan's Guitar Repair out of my garage. I continued with a day job for the next 3 years, and did the repairs on weekends, evenings, and any other spare time I could find. In the spring of '07, I left my position as a plant maintenance manager and went fulltime, still in the garage. By the summer of '08, I had outgrown the old garage, and my wife's patience with all the clutter, guitars and cases everywhere, and the dust and odors associated with the repair business.

November 2008- I found a nice little storefront, and opened the real Dan's Guitar Repair, 1000 square feet of pieces, parts, guitars, amps, and a little bit of tone heaven.

- Dan Worthington




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