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Dan has many new and used amps in stock, and is currently a dealer for Dr. Z, Crate, and Ampeg.

Call or drop by today or check the current inventory to view specifics!


Amp Repairs and Modifications

Dan now offers exclusive amp repairs and modifications - see the Repairs page for more detailed info!



Dr. Z Amps - A new Standard in Tone

Visit Dr. Z's Official Website

Dr. Z Amps are known world wide for their great tone, versatility, and durability. Dan's Guitar Repair is proud to help bring their tone to your fingertips.

Dr. Z amps are used by some of the best guitarists around, including;

Brad Paisley
Walter Becker
Joe Walsh
Nels Cline of Wilco
Ronnie Baker Brooks
The Decemberists

... and many more!


Check out the legendary tone!


Reviews of Dr. Z amps:

"I have been dealing with DR Z for a few years now. They have returned every e-mail I have sent them and have bent over backwards to solve some very minor problems I have had."

"Been playing 20 years, owned many amps from Boogies,to Fenders to Marshalls.The Mazerati 1X12 combo is the best bang for the buck you can get from any amp manufacturer.For the size and sheer volume and tone you get from such a portable amp, you'll amaze your friends and fans with such wicked tone."

"Dr Z builds some of the best amps around. All hand built with the highest quality parts."

"Been playing more than 25 years, and I have found my sound, and have absolutely never been happier plugging in my guitar. Only thing is, I always loved trying out new amps and looked forward to buying and trying this and that, and I can't do that anymore,'cause there's no point, this is it for me."

More reviews can be found at Harmony Central

Click here to read an interview with Dr. Z himself on his experience and construction philosophy.


Attention Bass Players: Dan cares about your tone!


Introducing Ampeg Bass Amplification - the industry standard for the "low-down" in bass amplification. Available exclusively through Dan's Guitar Repair in St. George, UT!!

Since 1969 Ampeg Amplification has been the industry standard for the incredible tone, earth shaking lows, and gigging dependability.

Hundreds of big name artists depend on Ampeg to deliver the most solid tone availalbe today. Join them in your ultimate quest for earth-shaking dominance!



Geezer Butler, of Black Sabbath


New at Dan's Shop - Crate Amplification


Need great guitar tone at a fraction of the price? Crate is the industry standard for the best bang-for-your-buck amps, competing with gear that costs thousands more! Offering that killer distortion for your modern rock tastes or dialing it back to jazz tone, Crate brings something to the table fore everyone!





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